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Many times if you are involved in an accident or collision, you can sustain damage to the frame that might not be visible by looking at it. If the frame of your vehicle is bent, it can create problems with the handling of your vehicle such as Bump Steer, which is when you hit a bump and the vehicle steering wants to go to the left or right. It can also cause problems with your tires because your vehicle is not properly aligned

we have a Precision frame straightening machine on site which can straighten frames on small vehicles all the way up to large four door dooley pick-up trucks. Our frame straightening machine and measuring equipment will ensure 100 percent accuracy. The work will be performed by trained technicians who specialize in frame straightening, not a novice that is trying to learn on the job. When you choose us for your Precision frame straightening or auto body repair needs, you can rest easy that the job will be done right the first time by experienced technicians.

If you need assistance for Precision Frame Straightening service , be sure to check out with NYCtowing.

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