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In preparing an estimate for your vehicle, Auto Works Collision Center will make every effort to write a thorough and comprehensive report of apparent damage. However, please note, an estimate is just that - an estimate

Estimate can vary

Please know that original estimate amounts can vary greatly. Cost of repairs overlooke on the original estimate must be added later or the repair will not be properly completed. Only parts that are equal to the original equipment manufacturers' parts or equal to those on your vehicle should be used for repairs. The use of imitation or offshort parts could void the warranty on your vehicle.

Hidden Damage/ Hidden Parts Price

Occasionally hidden damage is discovered or the price of certain parts have increased. Once this has been determined, we will notify you and/or the insurance company of supplemental repairs immediately. After documentation of hidden damage and obtaining approval from the insurance comapny, the repair process can continue.

Authorization for Repairs

The repair process begins after we obtain approvals from you or you and your insurance company. In the case of an insurance repair, we can consider their agreement as authorization to begin repairs. You can be confident that your automobile will be returned to pre-collision specifications. If insurance is not involved, a cash deposit may be required. To learn more about payment, click here.

Honesty is our Policy

Writing something on an insurance estimate that is not a legitimate part of the damage would be dishonest. Cheating insurance companies results in cheating all of us who own policies and it isn't fair. Please refrain from asking us to write illegitimate items on the estimates.

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