24 Hour Flatbed Towing Service NYC

Nyctowing provide 24 hour Flatbed towing service. Flatbed car towing is one of the best and safest way to tow any kind of vehicle.

Flatbed is a truck with the entire back fitted with a metallic bed. This bed uses hydraulics to be inclined and moved to the ground, which allows your vehicle being towed to drive into the flatbed or it is pulled up with the assistance of a winch.

To ensure the best proceeding, Flatbed needs to be handled by trained experts. NYC Towing’s team of technicians will deliver this service at a professional level every time, so your car is handled with care and delivered safely to your destination.

Your vehicle will be placed at the center of the bed and properly balanced to avoid any swaying during the towing. In addition, one of the bigger benefits of flatbed towing is that your car will not be worn out at all, because it will be resting on the truck during the entire process.

we will make sure to use the right tool for every situation, whether it’s flatbed towing, wheel lift or using tow dollies, you can be sure our service will be prompt, professional and affordable.

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