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Emissions testing has been a controversial subject ever since its inception. Though most opinion polls show widespread public support for clean air in general, few motorists show any enthusiasm for emissions testing when it involves their own vehicles. And most are reluctant to spend money on emission-related maintenance or repairs.

As long as a vehicle passes an emission test, most people will go along with a program, pay a reasonable test fee and tolerate waiting in line 20 to 30 minutes to have their vehicle tested. But when their vehicle fails an emissions test, their attitude often becomes angry and resentful. An emissions failure creates stress and anxiety because of what comes next.

A failure means finding a shop with technicians who are competent enough to do emission repairs, making a service appointment, being without a vehicle for half a day or more, having to spend up to several hundred dollars or more on emission repairs they may not even believe are really necessary, and then taking the vehicle back to the inspection station for retesting. And if the vehicle fails the retest? They feel even more frustration and anger as they bounce back and forth between the repair facility and test station. Consequently, there has been a lot of public backlash against emission test programs that are too stringent or fail too many vehicles.

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