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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1.3 million cars are stolen in the U.S. each year. Even worse, one in three stolen cars never makes it back home. Although the statistics are grim, there are steps to take that will increase the chances of recovering a stolen automobile.

Report to Police Immediately

Report a stolen vehicle to the police immediately. The speed with which this is done not only gives you a higher chance of recovering your vehicle but might also prevent it from being used in another crime. You must know your license plate number and the vehicle identification number, also called a VIN. If you don't already know them, write them down so they are quickly accessible in the event your car is stolen. Also report the theft to your insurance agency if your policy covers theft

Report to

Once the theft has been reported to the police you can register your car with This is a service that sends out alerts through e-mail, SMS, RSS and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; activates security cameras to search for your car's license plate; and offers a reward for information leading the police to the location of your car. Often when cars are stolen and used in other crimes they are abandoned on city streets or neighborhoods. People will be more likely to report the location of abandoned cars to law enforcement when promised a reward.


Common Sense - Lock your doors and don't leave a spare key in the car. Do not leave valuable visible and park in a well it area whenever possible.

Warning Devices - A visible or audible device alerts thieves that your vehicle is protected before they attempt to steal it.

Immobilizing Devices - Electronic immobilizing devices prevent thieves from bypassing your ignition and hot wiring the vehicle.

Tracking Devices - A tracking system emits a signal to police or monitoring service when the vehicle is reported stolen.

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