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Every time you park your car, you're taking a risk if there is no proper car security systems installed. We are giving security systems for your car like alarm setting, audible alarms, locks and more tracking systems.

Some popular devices

The most popular auto security devices are

Bar or wheel locks: Steering wheel bars lock up the steering wheel; wheel locks prevent the theft of wheels and tires.

Audible alarms: Known in the industry as "nuisance alarms," these alerts are intended to scare thieves away.

Pedal locks: This device locks the brakes.

Electronic immobilizing devices: These devices are designed to disconnect all power from the starter, preventing thieves from bypassing the ignition and hot-wiring the vehicle.

Tracking systems: These devices transmit a radio signal to locate the car.

Solenoid immobilizer systems: Although categorized as an immobilizer, this kind of system is based on a different principle than most electronic security systems. PowerLock is one example. It attaches permanently to the vehicle's starter motor, where it effectively prevents hot-wiring. Once installed, such a system is impossible to remove, bypass or disable.

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